Liquid, Pencil or Gel – What Kind of Eyeliner You Should Use

Last Updated: October 20, 2019
Liquid, Pencil or Gel - What Kind of Eyeliner You Should Use
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There is no sense in telling someone what they should use to make them pretty. It is their own choice and they have their right. All that can be said is chose smart, healthy and natural. Then again the last words are yours.

The points you will find here

  1. What to Pick for Today’s Look? Gel, Pencil, or Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Gel Eyeliner
  3. Pencil Eyeliner
  4. Liquid Eyeliner
  5. How to Choose your Playmate? Eyeliners Suiting Your Features and Needs

When it comes to makeup and colors, most of us like to focus eyes. Let the eyes do the talking. I mean they do look better when they stand out and point out to the world. Dramatic eyes are welcome everywhere with the right proportion.

Options for adorning that beautiful pair of orbs are many. With unlimited color options and medium one can make their eye look however they want. It is like magic.

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What to Pick for Today’s Look? Gel, Pencil, or Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliners also come in various shapes and sizes. They have a different consistency, medium, and way of application. Depending on their features and what they can do to your eyes, you can have different eyes every time. Down below we have dissected these features and discussed what they are good at.

In our eyes, each of them is great on their own and you must have them all as well. Just find out what to do with them.

Gel EyelinerLiquid, Pencil or Gel - What Kind of Eyeliner You Should Use

Gel eyeliner gives you the boldest look. It may make you intimidated at first look but once you get used to it you will love them too.

They create such bold lines that can be used to create smoky eyes. They are easy to blend and smudge as well as giving soft looks. It has got the very thick consistency that makes it so smudgy.

So, be careful and use it with delicacy. Don’t let it get on your hands unnoticed.  Anything you touch will get colored. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry and sets in place. You can clear it with few rubs with tissue, cloth or water.

They give possibilities when you have mastered its character and movement. They are really easy to apply better than liquid eyeliners and bolder than pencils.

Take some time to learn. Start working with dots and slashes to work up the technique. And when you are buying gel eyeliners, make sure the boxes close perfectly either they will get dry.

They come in cute small pots with a brush applicator. The brushes are angled for precise application but you can use any one as you want maybe your eyeshadow brush. All you have to take care of is to keep them clean every time after use because if not the bristles will get stuck and stiff.

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With the angled brush, you get quick clean and precise lines. Using different brushes gives you different effects. The creamy consistency makes it easier to work with and also gives you control of what you are doing.

As said before it is in the routine to keep the brushes clean after each application. You also have to bring them everywhere you go if you intend to do reapplication. Gel eyeliners also tend to get dry.

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Pencil EyelinerLiquid, Pencil or Gel - What Kind of Eyeliner You Should Use

Also called Kohl or Kajal. They are the pioneers of makeup. They exist long before you came into existence. And till now they have a strong hold on the beauty grounds thus proving their worth.

Pencil eyeliners are mostly for those who like to have things the easy way and are super minimalist. They are very easy to apply just like pencils. There is no pre-pep required and one can put it any time. You can use it on a daily basis for your minimal everyday look. Blending it slightly does magic.

They do not give sharp lines but surely will boost up your lashes. Nothing can beat the pencil eyeliner smoky look. It is perfect.

Pencil eyeliners are also easy to work on the water line. They don’t hurt. Any mistake can be fixed with just touch of your fingertips. No need to start from the beginning.

They are also relatively cheap than others but work better. They fit any occasion and dress and save time. A quick fix is their best attribute.

What bothers is it gets dull and has to be sharp every now and then. That is really a big problem especially when you are in a hurry and it is also not that easy to sharpen it.

But, now big companies like Smashbox have included sharpener built into the cap so it self-sharpens every time when you twist the cap to reveal it. Also, there are twist-up eyeliner pencils that you can twist and bring out new portion but with time they also get slightly blunt.

Also most of the time they have to be reapplied throughout the day unless you have some tick and trips up in your sleeves. Also, they don’t do cat eyes. It is a major no. But, okay we can manage. After all the strokes of pencil eyeliner are very lovely and cute on the eyes.

When you are shopping for a pencil eyeliner, make sure it is solid, enough to draw fine lines with preciseness. But, soft too so when it glides on your thin skin, it does not drag it or hurt it anyway.

Like it or hate it, a piece of pencil liner has to be lying somewhere in your vanity.

There is a new type of pencil eyeliner as well. We rather can call them gel pencils, or solid gel automatic pencils. They are a mix culture of sold and gel ones. The features are brought in together to give you the best of both worlds.

When you glide on the pencil, it will stay smudgeable for half a minute or so allow you to decide between hard or soft lines. After that, they dry and provide long-lasting service.

Unlike gel eyeliners, they are portable to come in packs like that of pencil eyeliners and do not require brushes. These eyeliners are also a bit tough to apply, need precision. They have a sharp nib and will never be blunt and the pigments are darker, more vibrant and long-lasting.

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Liquid EyelinerLiquid, Pencil or Gel - What Kind of Eyeliner You Should Use

Liquid eyeliners are the divas, show stealers, prima donna, head turners, and so on!! And why not? They create lines, precise lines that will swoop any one of their feet in a zoop!

They are perfection, their lines do not fade or smudge. They will be the way they were put on for upcoming multiple hours. That means you have got only one shot at making yourself pretty too. Once liquid eyeliners are put on the face, they don’t come off easily without some super makeup remover and strength.

They take a hell of concentration and practice to be perfect. Felt tip liners are better as they give more control.

According to experts, liquid eyeliners go best with a flawless complexion. So, you have it or not make sure to use foundation and concealers before applying liquid eyeliner.

They come in plenty of shape and sizes and applicators. Most people find pens like marker tips are easier to use. But, there are also small vials with attached nail polish-like brushes which are not much favored given the money you spend behind it.

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How to Choose your Playmate? Eyeliners Suiting Your Features and Needs

You have to take lots of thing into consideration when you are opting for an eyeliner. Most of it is taken by your skin type: oily, dry, combo, natural.

The best type of skin for wearing any makeup has to be dry and normal. Only on a flat non-greasy surface makeup stays put without sliding or drifting. But, dry skin also tends to be sensitive, so you have to choose carefully before putting something on your face. It has to be hypoallergenic and safe for your type.

When it comes to oily skin a new level of expertise is needed. It is really very dangerous to put makeup on oily skin. You will never know what you will end up after an hour. It is really scary.

Eyeliners too will come off after a few hours and you have to reapply. This gets worst when it get smudge over your face in the wrong places.

The good news will be oily skin are less sensitive, so you can wear most anything. To save you from the shame of misplaced colors on the face, use proper foundation method and powder on the face. Try to use the least possible amount it keeps your skin dry as much possible too.

Let the Eyes Do the Talking

Eyeliners are most probably the minimal look and it goes with daily appearances at school and office when done correctly. They also rock the party look. Having a variety of colors and mediums for that is not a bad idea.

Wearing dramatic eyes also does one trick. It calls for all the attention and makes your blemishes like acne, scars, spots go unnoticed. So yeah, that is a good thing.

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