10 Best Lip Glosses and Plumpers for Bigger Looking Lips

Last Updated: October 21, 2019
lip gloss that makes your lips bigger
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Many have thin lips, many big full lips. In other cases, one lip can be different from another. And we all love our lips the way they are. But it is fun to once in a while change them. For thin lip owner, you can try lip gloss that makes your lips bigger.

We are so advanced and technical now. The makeup and beauty industry has surely changed the tables. Anyone can change their appearance and do a little role play. For lips, bigger lips are turned to look thin. And thinner ones are designed to look full. Really wonderful!

After all, full lips do have their own value. It is really good to see a full lip. It has its own appeal. So, to make the magic, here are we. We can make our lips look bigger by using a lip gloss.

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Why will a mere gloss make your lips look fuller?

You may be thinking about how come a gloss that people wear frequently will help to get lips bigger. The trick mainly lies in the effect. That is what makeups are all about. Creating an illusion of colour, lighting and effects.

The gloss does the same too. When light is reflected from your lips it looks bigger than usual. The gloss is a shiny product that reflects light the most. Thus it helps to create a fuller lip illusion.

If you are not comfortable with wearing lip gloss than you can just dab a bit of gloss in the middle of you each lip or on the thinner one. And that is enough to create a fuller lip illusion for the eyes and camera.

As for the lip glosses listed here, the illusion is a factor too but they also contain ingredients that have the ability to actually make your lips bigger. Some are temporary where few are permanent. But do not worry none of them is injurious to your lips healthy.

How to choose a right lip gloss for bigger lips?

For the best effect, you need to have the best product. But that does not mean you need to buy expensive things; try out a cheap one first and see if this method suits you or not. Ask friends and family for help and go to the website for expert reviews (if you do not feel satisfied with this one: ( go ahead)

If you are buying a coloured one make sure it matches your skin and your workplace or the occasion you are going to attend. Ask the retailer for advice. Lipgloss like any other lip cosmetic wears off as you drink, eat and kiss. It is obvious so you have to reapply. Keep it with you.

There are many flavoured lip glosses too on the market. Go for a test drive. Beware some ingredients may not suit you resulting in any reaction or irritation. So, keep that in mind as well. When it comes to storing, keep it in a cool dry place. It cannot resist heat.

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The best lip gloss and plumper that will make your lips bigger and fuller

Keeping everything in my mind here is a hand pick of few glosses that will make your lips look big and will also help to keep them healthy. Check out the products. You will not regret at all.

  1. pH Advantage Boosters Lip Advantagelip gloss that makes your lips bigger

You will achieve smoother, bigger, softer, fuller, sexier plump lips without any injection. pH Advantage Boosters Lip Advantage is a plumping gloss base that leaves your lips with a clear finish & fresh feel. It is formulated with ginseng, soybean, beeswax, ceramides and titanium dioxide making it the perfect anti-ageing product for your lips. It will get rid of dryness and chapped appearance as it will gently exfoliate your lip. No photo-ageing, fine lines or hyperpigmentation only firmer, fuller and hydrated lips.

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  1. Belle Azul Lips Plumping Lip Glosslip gloss that makes your lips bigger

With this lip plumper with serum containing Cayenne Pepper extracts that stimulate blood flow and increase lip density for bigger, softer, fuller, plumper lips. Belle Azul Lips Plumping Lip Gloss provides plump lips naturally. It is also rich in Argan Oil, Vitamin E and fatty acids that nourish them and keep them hydrated. All the nutrients will repair any kind of damage and enhance lips health. It will give out a clear glossy feeling and make you feel minty fresh.

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  1. Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer in Clearlip gloss that makes your lips bigger

It is a lip boosting formula infused with Niacin, a vasodilator derived from Vitamin B that increases blood flow and circulation to instantly create plumper lips. So, you get a full, luscious, rejuvenated and repaired lip set. Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer in Clear has Peptides within it that promotes collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production to give a long-term plumping effect. It is clear and will make lips look like natural with barely any colour on them.

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  1. Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lipcolor Enhancer in Perfect Pinklip gloss that makes your lips bigger

This product is an advanced magical lip gloss that features unique quality and a transparent look. It will adapt to your natural skin colour and brighten it up. Givenchy Gloss Revelateur Lipcolor Enhancer in Perfect Pink intensifies the natural colour of lips thus making it look fuller and pucker perfect. The pigments it contains react with skin’s pH that helps to deliver intensive moisture for extra care of lips. It is a makeup that does not look like makeup and works like a top class treatment.

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  1. Lina Renee Lip Plumper & Gloss in Noir Nightslip gloss that makes your lips bigger

It stimulates collagen synthesis to gradually give the look of fuller more voluminous lips that will last a long time. But has no harsh burn or irritation on the skin. In fact, Lina Renee Lip Plumper & Gloss in Noir Nights has a gentle cooling sensation that leaves a refreshed feeling along with hydrating and moisturizing. Your lip set will feel soft and smooth than ever before. And the colour is just perfect for the nights of glam and party.

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  1. Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Lip Glosslip gloss that makes your lips bigger

It is a product containing all natural ingredients. Make your lips feel silky and hydrated. The gloss is lightweight infused with aloe, and avocado oil while grape seed and green tea extract provide antioxidants to keep them protected and nourished Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Lip Gloss keeps your lips plump with marine collagen. And the peppermint oil is added to cool and refresh your lips. It comes with a mirror on the tube and LED light in the wand for easy application each time.

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  1. Eve By Eve Tube Lip Gloss Luster in Dusty Roselip gloss that makes your lips bigger

The beautiful gloss is formulated with water-retaining ingredients such as Sodium-Hyaluronate and Ceramide 3 which helps in giving out the appearance of luscious and fuller lips. It gives out instant hydration and the colour payoff with hours of wear from the first application. Your lips will be moisturized and feel comfortable for the whole day. Eve By Eve Tube Lip Gloss Luster in Dusty Rose is a warm, medium pink with subtle gold micro-shimmer and scented with a natural rose & sweet fruit extract.

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  1. Fullips Mild Lip Plumping Gloss in Pink Orchidlip gloss that makes your lips bigger

It has a very mild plumping action for fuller lips. The gloss has a mild mineral base formula for the health of your lips. The sheer colour tint allows your lips to look a bit of colour colourful and presentable. Fullips Mild Lip Plumping Gloss in Pink Orchid uses menthol as natural plumper and is enriched with Vitamin-E. But the gloss is not sticky or gooey like others and feels comfortable.

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  1. Apex Plump Lip Plumperlip gloss that makes your lips bigger

Now plump your lips and also beat the ageing process with Apex Plump Lip Plumper. With this product not only will your lips look fuller, shapelier and healthier but it will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keep them at bay. It contains VOLULIP a formula that has high regard as a safe, gentle and fasts one. All ingredients are natural & organic so get natural plump lips also. Use it for 30 days at least.

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  1. NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Holly Woodlawnlip gloss that makes your lips bigger

It has everything to give the dramatic finish while making your lips look plumper. It has a high shine, high impact finish and last really long putting up with your work. It does not create a mess and stay put where you put it. NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Holly Woodlawn is infused with ingredients to nourish and fight free radicals while naturally enhances lips and plump up the volume. The colour is outrageously lustrous and stays on for most of the day.

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Try them out or look for a new one. Lip gloss will surely help to look like bee swollen lip lady, like Angelina Jolie or Jensen Ackles.

Pucker up fuller lips with these DIY ways also

Not only wearing lip glosses but there are also other tricks that will swell up your lips giving it a fuller appearance. Read them out. They will surely be helpful and they are surely very easy to follow.

Flakes are the enemy. On lips, if you have dry flakes of the dead cell than I will reflect less light thus making your lip look smaller and also chapped. So, dust off the dead skin. It will also boost circulation promoting a rosy tint. Try lips balms for fuller lips and for preventing drying up too.

Using a concealer, increase your canvas by spreading it a little over the lip line. Dabbing a bit of transparent lip gloss or lip colour closer to your natural lip colour in the middle of your lips will pick up light faking it bigger and fuller. You can also do the trick by applying a lip liner just by the end line of your natural lips. Using a tiny brush and cover-up line outside of your lips after applying lipstick. It will pop a lipstick colour.

Avoid using darker shades on lips as they tend to flatten your lips. Instead, go for a nude or pale one. They are not only trendy, stylish and suiting all environments they also make your lips look full. Take a shade lighter of your already applied lipstick shade or maybe a white lip crayon and apply it to the thin lips middle part. Then merge them. If you have one lip bigger than the other only apply it to the thinner one.

Try the exercise for fuller lips. They also help to get rid of the double chin. Whistle, smile and kiss are the best exercises. Massaging your lips help too. Exfoliate. But with gentle care.

Natural ingredients like cinnamon powder or oil, capsicum or peppermint essential oil help too. Do not lick your lips as when licked tongue spreads acidic saliva causing the irritation. So does smoking. It irritates cause premature wrinkles and makes them go dark. So no smoking. Water is life and your body is mostly made out of the water which keeps you from and rigid. Stay hydrated so that you and your skin never lack it.

Rewrite History With Your Lips

Make those lips look damn so when you speak no dog dares to bark (borrowed from the great William Shakespeare).

Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.

That ain’t a lie.

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