10 celebrities who have the hottest and sexiest lips in the planet (you may agree)

Love The Saint With Lips Of A Sinner

Last Updated: April 26, 2019
10 celebrities having the sexiest lips in the world

Let us get lips to lips. Do not jump to conclusion yet mate. I was referring to lips of celebs. What are the bests and which are the best of all? Lips are one of the features that attract the eyes most. Words can get different dimension when it comes out of the right lips. They have their own magic.

Who are on the list

  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Yoo Ah-In
  3. Julia Roberts
  4. Jensen Ackles
  5. Jessica Alba
  6. Monica Bellucci
  7. Cillian Murphy
  8. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
  9. Grace Jones
  10. Amanda Seyfried

Whereas there should be no beauty standard and we truly believe in everybody’s uniqueness and respect their appearance (and love them too), there is no harm to see some eye candies from time to time and admire their beauty. After all, they are also true as the rest of us and they have done no bad to not deserve a line of appreciation.

On that note, check out 10 lips that will make you do many things. I mean there are so persuasive with their words. (wink!)

Lips Like No Other, Can be a Silent Killer

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1. Angelina JolieCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

That is the most heard name when it comes to sexy lips. She has more to her though. Fantastic actress, nice body, a great woman and a lovely mother but her lips are surely something extra.

I think it will be hard to find somebody who has seen Angelina Jolie and after that the minute, they hear her name and the image of her full lips does not appear on their mind. That set of plucked petals pop at first whenever she is recalled.

Her gentle cupid bow, bigger lower lips but not at all minimal higher lips and its fantastic light color with creases all over is simply mind-blowing. Hard to forget even harder to resist. I guess it was her appearance in “Original Sin” that made me with many other realized her lips are unbeatable.

2. Yoo Ah-InCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

Those who have indulged themselves in K-dramas and its culture are already familiar with this sexy lip set. They are hard to miss. And who has not yet well, we are sure this young man of 31 will make you crave more. His smoldering looks are killer, slayer, heart-racer. Felt in love with his lips in the noona romance (elder woman-younger man genre) “Secret Love Affair”. With his latest “Chicago Typewriter” he almost gave a heart attack.

His lips are super fuller with the upper lips being bigger than the other that complements his slim jaw bone stricture. The color of lips is also darker than his shade that makes his lips more prominent and adds extra focus to it. He has got an exquisite cupid bow too. No wonder, whenever he is in sight, cupids are busy with throwing arrows everywhere. ‘Die for’ lips!

3. Julia RobertsCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

Her spontaneous smile in that hot red dress in “Pretty Woman” aside everything stole the show. It was a total turn on! Her smile is so beautiful that the producer with that time co-actor Richard Gere make an on-set prank to make Julia laugh on her own.

The scene where he is showing the box containing that damn piece of emerald necklace and slams the box unexpectedly was not in the script but was done then and there just to make the pretty woman laugh out her heart. And boy sure it worked like magic. Even now that scene is stuck in our heads.

Her lips are like no another long thin uninterrupted trail of innocence. They have a soft creamy color that reminds you of peach. I am sure they are peachy soft as well. She is best in her laughter, sweet, pure and full of life. Just like how in “Noting Hill” despite being a famous American actress she could see eye to eye with a simple British man and fall in love, deep true love. Her wide smile wins the hearts of both Americans, British and across the globe.

4. Jensen AcklesCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

After noticing him in Super Natural for the first time all I could think of is Greek God in the home, baby! No kidding. He has that persona and her lips are just right to it. His body knows attitude so does his plucker. His lips likely to his personality know confidence. All high and mighty. And that is what great about him and his role as Dean Winchester, the fairy tale man.

His upper lips are wider than the lower one with a sharp fold on the cupid bow prominent. Both his lips are full, plump and that create a dimple like projection on both of the sides near the cheeks hiding inside the beard. Has a dark side to it yet sophisticated.

5. Jessica AlbaCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

It was Susan in “Fantastic Four” that turn me and other’s full attention toward her. The beautiful American with exotic features. And her lips are one of them. They are round up perfectly placed on her mesmerizing face, resembles heart shape if I may say. Fuller, thicker and divine. Her cupid bow marks the territory well and the plumpy-ness makes it seem like something super soft. Whether she is smiling or not her lips do many things and convey her emotion to the viewers.

The actress does not only relies on her looks, she has the great acting ability and a knack for business. It was mainly her love for her children that drive her to start “The Honest Company”. It supplies household products that are 100 percent safe and good or children. Golden heart, isn’t she? Guess you will reckon her iconic red lips.

6. Monica BellucciCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

This Italian diva is the dream of many. From the acting to her looks she has been ruling the industry since her debut. She began as a model and now she is a role model for many. It is her feminine power that made her the queen of heart.

Her lips are strong evidence of her strong personality. They hold power, confidence, flicker rage and still very delicate. No wonder why she has a whole line of lipstick collection launched by the very famous “Dolce & Gabbana” in her appreciation. A whole line just to celebrate Monica and her every personality with lip colors.

Her lips are no lie. They are so full! Full of senses. Perfect lining, nicely plumped, prominent cupid bow as if creator craved them with attention and make no funny job but pure attraction.

Oh, and for your kind information, the whole name is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci. The oldest lady to be a ‘Bond Girl’.

7. Cillian MurphyCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

When it comes to Cillian Murphy, it was his captivating gaze that holds us in “Red Eye” or “Inception” like movies but the actor along with great acting skill has a ‘die for’ the type of lip set in his asset. If you could not free yourself from his mesmerizing eyes and take a look at his royal like lips, you better do it now.

His lips are no joke either it holds the same gravity as his blue eyes. They are not very big not so small just dandy fine. They are naughty. They are smiling and they are not. They will play with your eyes. Each words coming out of them will make you wanna believe them. And I will definitely not mind being held captive by a guy like that on a plane. The time will be worth it and then take an escape!

Dang his smirk! Cruel!!

8. Jonathan Rhys-MeyersCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

In “Bend it like Beckham” he became the teen crush of many. East and west, soccer and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers make the movie a classic for a girl’s pajama night. From there in 2012’s “Belle du seigneur”, the elite man in love with another man’s woman Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has managed to keep girls on his lips, I mean fingers.

His lips are straight out classy. They are sexy and they hold a sense of authority. This Irish actor slightly down but wide and profound lips make him dead serious and irresistible to look away.

9. Grace JonesCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

James Bond is my all-time favorite movie franchise. Blindly, I love all the movies and find no flaws. But, I’m sure when anyone will be asked about the super-villainous May Day from “A View To A Kill” you will agree that was a heck of a character. One of the best bond girl ever (if it is countable and then why not? It is bond and she is a girl). That is Grace Jones the supermodel, songwriter, singer and diverse lady of Hollywood.

This fierce lady put a mark on the industry. She was a muse, a diva, and free spirit and there were the lips. Bright colorful thick lips. She once said in her interview that half of her face is her sunglasses and half is the lips. They are so attractive after all.

10. Amanda SeyfriedCelebrities having most beautiful lips ever

She is like a cute little doll but full of life and sexiness. Her image in “Mean Girls” was bang perfect, showed her acting skill nicely. Since then she had portrayed some really good characters in numerous movies. In “Dear John”, “Letter to Juliet”, “Mamma Mia” everywhere she will bind you with her talent. Top of it she has some pretty sleek lips. They definitely shout hot, chili hot.

Her lips are like her doll image. Perfect, pretty, plump, enviable and most importantly kissable. Words roll out of her lips like pure sweetness mixed with honey. Her bubbly cheerfulness flicker in them.

Lips of the Lover Know Remedy to All My Grief

This is not it and it can never be. The world is full of great lips. Brigitte Bardot, Maggie Q, Ana De Armas, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Tae Hee, Yoon Eun Hye, Priyanka Chopra, Bea Alonzo, Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum, James McAvoy & Franco more!!! There are more. But, today let just end with this draft. My head is already spinning watching those sexy lips.

Tell us what is your favorite set of lips? Is there any celebrity resembling yours? Well, no matter how your lips are smiling because surely smile is the second best thing that you can do with your lips.


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