10 Best Pink Electric Toothbrushes

Last Updated: January 1, 2020
Best Pink Electric Toothbrush
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One a special day you have your hair done by a professional with flowers or pearls or any other jewelry. You have been taking extra care of your skin, did makeup for hours, drew your eyes perfectly, made your lip extra soft and glossy. All ready to go. You’re full of confidence and smiling brightly. But wait! What is that?!! That is at all not beautiful! Behind your bright smile, yellow teeth are peeking. Gross! Not cool!!

This is not what you or anyone wants. Not only on a special day but also never and EVER! Yellow teeth are a no, no. But without daily proper care, you may lose your snowy white teeth to yak-ish pale or yellow shades. Modern tech has gifted us with different toothpaste flavors and electric brushes to choose from.

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So, get your favorite toothpaste and a good brush and start brushing twice a day at the least. One more good thing, you can choose your favorite pink too while brushing. Here is a list of 10 best pink electric toothbrushes you.

The best electric pink toothbrushes

  1. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush, HX9362/68Best Pink Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush, HX9362/68 uses Sonic technology to clean teeth with up to 31,000 strokes per minute! Its’ fast sweeping motion drives fluid into tight spaces between teeth and along the gumline. It also removes coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco stain. Diamond-shaped medium-stiff bristles scrape away plaques. It comes with an attractive USB charging travel case with two brush heads, one charging base and one USB cable and wall plug.

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  1. Newstart Sonic Electronic ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

This product removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush with 33,000 brush strokes per minute, uniquely designed relieve mode for teeth and gum sensitive individuals and stimulates gingival blood circulation to make teeth and gum healthier, stronger. NewStart Sonic Electronic Toothbrush has a safe wireless charging system. Charging it for 20 hours first time can last up to 30 days long. It comes with 120 days replacement guarantee.

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  1. Aiyabrush Sonic Electric Toothbrush ZR501Best Pink Electric Toothbrush

This electric toothbrush helps to cure gum bleeding and removes up to 99.99% plaques even from the hardest-to-reach corners. Aiyabrush Sonic Electric Toothbrush IPX68 goes up to 31,000 strokes per minutes and its dynamic fluid action cleans perfectly between the teeth and along the delicate gum line. This waterproof pink toothbrush can also be used while bathing and has 5 modes: Clean, Refresh, White, Gum Care and Sensitive. Lasts up to 100 days and its Smartimer function encourages 2 minutes brushing.

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  1. Techege iBrush Electric Sonic ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

This pink toothbrush has been developed by a dentist herself. It has 3 important operating modes for healthy dental care. Techege iBrush Electric Sonic Toothbrush is designed to comfortably compliment everyone’s tooth and gum sensitivity level. A two minutes timer is set for proper brushing, UV sanitizer kills 99% of harmful microbes and viruses and cleans out plaque. It is water-resistant and the charging dock keeps the rechargeable battery charged for 6+ weeks.

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  1. Sonicety Electric Toothbrush HI-910Best Pink Electric Toothbrush

This dream pink toothbrush has a 30 seconds reminder and 2 minutes auto shut off for a proper healthy cleaning as recommended by dentists. Sonicety Electric Toothbrush HI-910 dual operation mode of Super clean (35,000 brushstrokes per minute) and Normal mode (28,000 brushstrokes per minute) will fulfill your every requirement.  Two extra brush heads are included for money saving and also comes with 2 replaceable AA batteries. It is so light and energy sufficient that it can be taken anywhere wanted.

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  1. Pursonic S52 Portable Battery Operated Sonic ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

This mini waterproof pocket-size toothbrush is the best mate on the run. With 22,000 sonic strokes per minute, Pursonic S52 Portable Battery Operated Sonic Toothbrush generates a very powerful healthy cleaning. It can remove all the plaque gently from the corners, edges, bends and tight spots. Take cares of gum line as well. Two extra brush heads and 1 AAA battery is included of smart saving. The product lasts up to 120 days of operation based on brushing twice daily.

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  1. LostCat Electric Toothbrush IPX7Best Pink Electric Toothbrush

It goes up to 31,000 low-amplitude sonic shocks and removes 100% more plaque than a normal brush. After a full charge of 6 hours, it can last up to 3 months, your perfect companion on the road. LostCat Electric Toothbrush IPX7 is waterproof and makes only 42db noise which is lesser than ordinary motors. It has 5 modes designed for Clean, Refresh, White, Gum Care and Sensitive with 2 minutes smart timer to tell you how long to brush.

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  1. Violife Vss202 Sonic Electric ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

Its sonic optimizing precision bristle gives up to 22,000 brush strokes/minute. It cleans plaque and stain, making your enamel shiny and gums healthy. Violife Vss202 Sonic Electric Toothbrush is completely waterproof so safe to use in bath and has vented moisture releasing cap so the brush will be germ and bacteria-free and portable to travel. This product is the dentist recommended. The replaceable brushes also last up to 6 months which is the right time period of using a brush.

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  1. Cenoire Eluo Slim Sonic ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

Cenoire Eluo Slim Sonic Toothbrush gives 23,000 brush strokes/minute. It cleans plaque, stains, does gum care and has a tongue cleaner too for complete oral hygiene. So it is your own dental care. With replaceable premium brush head, this product lasts longer. It also has a year guarantee and runs with 1 AAA battery that is provided with the product. The slim size product is designed for traveling and has two attractive pink designs included for you to use.

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  1. Dale Audrey ® R. D. H. Quick Sonic ToothbrushBest Pink Electric Toothbrush

This product is good for both home and travel. It is waterproof and recession-proof. Dale Audrey ® R. D. H. Quick Sonic Toothbrush gives up to 28,000 brush strokes per minute for your oral hygiene. It has two-speed modes, normal and sensitive. The bristle is soft and gentle on your gums and also knows how to clean stubborn plaques and stains. This brush is recommended for both kids and adults.

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Don’t let the world see your dirty yellow teeth. No need to hide them when you are laughing. Smile and laugh brightly, openly. Get an electric brush in your platoon and make your daily task a little bit easier. There is no fear in using an electric toothbrush on teeth as they are completely harmless and user-friendly. Choose a pick from the above list and its shades; raspberry, cherry, hot pink, etc. Experience yourself; a safe, fast and better oral care. Go beauty!

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