10 Best Face Washes for Men with Acne and Oily Skin

Last Updated: February 3, 2020
best face wash for men with acne and pimples
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Skin reflection tells about our overall health. Everyone desires to have a healthy and smooth skin. But, acne is one of the most common skin problems of people around the world that shatters that dream like a pro.

Average 85% of people face this bad skin problem at least once in their life. Acne forms not only on the face but also at the back, chest and even arms. From teenage till death anyone may face it. Men acne may be in the forms of whiteheads, blackheads, nodules, pustules or cysts.

Acne on skin lessens the attraction of a person. It is observed that patients with acne suffer from poor body image, low self-esteem, experience social isolation and constriction of activities. They also suffer from anxiety, anger, depression, and frustration which are no way acceptable.

It may bearskin problem but there is nothing to feel sad about it. If you want there is more than just a solution. In modern days, there are a good number of male face washes that can fight acne and preserve the skin’s health.

The best face cleansing wash for men’s toughest skin to clear up pimples

Suiting the needs of men and their skin, these face washes are the best available out there in the market. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Treatment Body & Face WashBest face wash for men with acne

It is a non-foaming lotion absorbs quickly. Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Treatment Body & Face Wash kills bacteria and helps prevent acne breakouts. It effectively penetrates pores killing the bacteria that cause acne. This acne wash formula contains zero animal-based products. It is also manufactured and developed by methods that do not involve any experimentation on animals. Clears existing blemishes, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming. It is also great for teens and adults.

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2. Neutrogena Men Oil-Free Invigorating Foaming Face WashBest face wash for men with acne

It is specifically designed for a man’s face. Neutrogena Men Oil-Free Invigorating Foaming Face Wash is a foaming gel cleanser with a cooling lather that works down to your skin’s dirty pores and refreshes without over-drying. It is an excellent cleanser that cleans and removes excess surface oil and dirt to improve your skin’s overall healthy look. It cleans deep down to the pores. It plays a very important role in our skin’s defense against pollutants, weather, bacterial and fungal infections.

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3. RUGGED & DAPPER Men Facial CleanserBest face wash for men with acne

Designed and formulated for men’s oily skin. This facial cleanser attacks dirt, excess oil & grime to eliminate breakouts and acne without stripping moisture. RUGGED & DAPPER Facial Cleanser provides many benefits including the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Plant-based exfoliants remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for a clean shave. It is a nutrient-rich natural and organic product which is applicable to all kinds of skin.

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4. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial WashBest face wash for men with acne

It is uniquely great for those with very sensitive skin. Greatly improves the condition of the skin and pores. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Wash is a perfect face cleanser for all skin types. The cleanser is 100% natural, organic and used no harmful chemicals. It is extremely effective with a Clarisonic and other skin cleansing tools. It is specially designed to gently, thoroughly cleanse your skin while delivering the key nourishing and benefiting ingredients.

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5. Clearasil Daily Cleansing WashBest face wash for men with acne

An awesome product for male acne care! Clearasil daily face wash is a pleasantly gentle and effective cleanser. Use it daily on the breakout areas or on a particular spot to get rid of blemish quickly. It cleanses the skin and helps to keep the skin clear with an anti-acne activity. It is a Dermatologist tested safe product for facial acne treatment and a highly rich creamy cleanser with moisturizing complex known to replenish the skin.

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6. InstaNatural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser & Face WashBest face wash for men with acne

With its antioxidants and natural organic aloe Instanatural Vitamin C Facial Cleanser & Face Wash helps to rejuvenate and refine the acne affected skin. This cleanser works for both men and women effectively. Its professional-grade formula provides benefits to all types of skin with a brilliant result. It helps to reduce all kinds of acne spots and free radical damage that comes from prolonged sun exposure. This facial cleanser provides brightening action for balanced complexion and exfoliates age reversal.

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7. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Facial CleanserBest face wash for men with acne

This gentle foaming cleanser helps treat and prevent blemishes, pimples, whiteheads blackheads and breakouts without over-drying. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Facial Cleanser is a superb face wash for a male to stay away from acne. The scientists devised a way to provide immediate and long-term skin benefits from the integrity of the soy proteins. This products with moisture-rich soy extract visibly help transform dull, acne spots, uneven skin into brighter, more radiant skin. It contains salicylic acid that treats and fights acne.

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8. LAVO Facial Cleanser for Sensitive and Dry SkinBest face wash for men with acne

This cleanser is very useful for sensitive and dry skin. It contains six herbal extracts popular for their mild cleansing properties. It helps to moisturize, purify, and calm the skin. It promotes smooth skin dissolving dry, dehydrated layers from the skin surface. It is very useful as a cleanser for sensitive and dry skin. LAVO Facial Cleanser for Sensitive and Dry Skin has a silky transparent gel consistency and specially formulated for normal to the dry and sensitive skin. It helps treat and prevent whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, pimples, and breakouts without over-drying.

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9. Dove Men+Care Face WashBest face wash for men with acne

This fantastic face wash makes advanced protection for the dry facial skin. It effectively cleanses men’s skin. The face wash is designed with a unique formula that helps replenish moisture making it an ideal face wash for dry skin. Regular use of Dove Men+Care gives a feeling of smooth skin. Its lather activates the skin leaving your face moisturized. It makes skin feeling smooth and not dry. Greatly improves the condition of the acne affected skin and pores.

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10. Differin Adapalene Gel Face WashBest face wash for men with acne

The gel is produced with water-based formula, oil-free, alcohol-free,fragrance-free, non-comedogenic. This is a very efficient gel for male acne treatment. Differin Adapalene Gel Face Wash clears acne breakouts. It prevents new acne from forming and restores the skin’s texture and tone. It actively targets two primary causes of acne, the clogged pores, and inflammation and works to normalizing skin cell turnover. It diminishes wrinkles, acne spots, age, and sun spots, hydrates brightens and moisturizes the skin for increased radiance.

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Hey guys, what else you can do to stay away from acne and excess oils

  • When you shave, use a clean razor every time.
  • During shower clean your whole body properly.
  • Try to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Keeping stress free is a good solution to acne breakouts.
  • Too much exposure to the sun can actually be bad for our skin.
  • Keep your skins always clean with the recommended washes.
  • Should consult Dermatologist to get better advice for skin problems.

The secret mantra of clear skin is to work on it every day and take care of it. You do not get clean skin just like that. It is just not really possible.

How We Pick The Product

We recommend products by researching Amazon best-selling items, user’s reviews, YouTube reviews, talk show interviews, higher rated products, most reviewed items, celebrity gossip, daily publications, and magazine interviews with celebrity, dermatologist or doctor.

We research the product’s literature from the trusted sources. We frequently refer many leading publications – Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Best Reviews, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Vouge, Buzzfeed, etc.

We also often analysis the product’s information from the reliable sources (who make the deep testing) like Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, Consumer Reports, Consumer Testing Laboratories, etc.

It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. And the result may be different because of different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


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