10 Best Dark Red Nail Polishes for All Women

Last Updated: February 3, 2020
best dark red nail polish
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Red nails!!! What a sight!! Bold, sexy, provocative, fearless, leading. Red defines energy, war, danger, determination, passion, desire, love and much more. All are strong emotions. Red is the color of a warrior, lover someone who know how to want more even if that is way out of their league. Painting nails in red are always in fashion. Paint them red with the best dark red nail polish according to you.

The nail paint has been in fashion for ages and they never die. Nude to bold, colors make nails pretty. And red is the matter of making pretty. Coloring nails red is a statement itself. Red and its shades are a heaven-like beauty. They show vogue vigor better than anyone else. They will speak up for you instead.

In the market, there are over hundreds of hue of red. Every one of them is unique. Every one of them is with their own dimension and aura. They give your nails a different edge. We have 10 best dark red nail polishes in the recommendation for you to try out next time.

The best dark red nail polish for all skin tones and types

  1. essie Nail Color in Reds, Bordeauxbest dark red nail polish

essie Nail Color, in Reds, Bordeaux free of DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde provides a flawless coverage along with outstanding durability so you will get salon type beautiful nail for a long time. The color is very deep and inky, sure to catch attention. It glides very smoothly for an easy application. Only one coat will give you high pigmentation. It smells is very mild and does not bother much.

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  1. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail in Haute Couture Redbest dark red nail polish

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail in Haute Couture Red brings out a unique formula for you that can deliver intense color and luxurious shine for the look of the day. This best dark red nail polish has a patented brush for ultimate control and precise application so you can color your nails whenever and wherever you wish.  It is a dreamy red color for the nails that deserves to be dreamily beautiful.

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  1. ZOYA Nail Polish in Sarahbest dark red nail polish

ZOYA Nail Polish in Sarah can be best described as a red-ruby toned metallic with dark fuchsia sparkle. The color is so rich that it will get all the attention even from far, a very cool red sparkle for the nails to stand out in the crowd. The color lasts a long time and is natural. This best dark red nail polish uses the safest technology for your nail health and a long lasting coat. Apply just one coat on your clean nails and be bewildered with the color.

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  1. OPI Nail Polish in Malaga Winebest dark red nail polish

As intoxicating as red wine OPI Nail Polish in Malaga Wine will devour everyone attention. This best dark red nail polish has such a rich texture that you will fall in love with it. It gives high consistency and delivers high-shine. The nail polish dry very fast on apply so perfectly for rush hours. The color is so beautiful and elegant and yet sassy and provocative.

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  1. China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Ravishing and Dahlingbest dark red nail polish

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Ravishing and Dahling gives out a flexible coat on the nails that do not chip easily so you can be tension free of nail color getting damaged. The color lasts long too. The dense is perfect not much thick so it will feel light on the nails. The look is like a salon manicure yet very easy to apply without consuming your valuable time. The touch is very fine reflecting light making a rainbow.

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  1. LECHAT Perfect Match Nail Polish in Royal Redbest dark red nail polish

LECHAT Perfect Match Nail Polish in Royal Red, is stunningly gorgeous and gives a sparkly silver effect. It is opaque in 2 coats. The color soaks off immediately and is not runny. It does not shrink either. The touch is perfect and the color stays for days without fading or getting chipped. Get royal with this royal hue.

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  1. Aimeli Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off in Dark Lava

This best dark red nail polish gives 14 days high-gloss wear. Stays on nails like ordinary polish but it wears like gel. Get a mirror-like shine on your nails by applying Aimeli Gel Polish UV & LED Soak Off in Dark Lava. The color soaks off in minutes. There is no nicks, chips or smudge. It is a problem-free gorgeous nail color for your style. The color for its perfect look needs drying under UV or LED Lamp.

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  1. ILNP Diablo Vampy Oxblood Holographic Nail Polishbest dark red nail polish

It is a high-quality boutique style nail lacquer. The nail polish is very long lasting without getting damaged and the color dries out fast so it saves time. It is a vegan product with intense holographic sparkle. ILNP Diablo Vampy Oxblood Holographic Nail Polish will look unique and refined on your nails. The vampy oxblood color is so rich that it stands out everywhere. The number of coats can vary the color. It is lot-in-1!

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  1. Orly Nail Lacquer in Rapturebest dark red nail polish

Orly Nail Lacquer, in Rapture, uses natural pearl for shine and durability. The color capture attention and in a good way that is. This color will give your nails a definite edge and make your nails pop. This best dark red nail polish has a streak free coverage and is fast drying so this can be your best mate. One coat is just as fine with two coats the color gets deeper, the choice is yours now.

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  1. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in Crimson Claybest dark red nail polish

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish, in Crimson Clay, is a dark red cream type texture. It has an extra thick brush for flawless application. This best dark red nail polish is long-lasting and chip-resistant. It is a vegan healthy alternative to all those chemical infused harmful nail polish. The deep color will win your heart for sure.

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Before applying polish wash hands properly. Trim, file and buff them. Apply a base coat and a top coat to secure the color. Touch up them with the appropriate product. Store nail polishes in a cool place.

So, in the next party or meeting do not forget a little of red on you. It will show your confidence and increase your brightness. For sure you will be the most charming one around.

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