10 Best Avocado Oils for Natural Hair Growth

Last Updated: January 1, 2020
best avocado oil for natural hair growth
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Do you know that you can use avocado oil for natural hair growth and moisturizing? As it has high permeability, it leaves no oily residue on the scalp. It is a great detangler for its lubricating nature but will not leave any slippery feeling. Your hair will be fresh, bouncy and playable!

Other than that, use avocado oil for preventing hair loss, to guard against the split end and for other dandruff related issues. Your hair will be strengthened to the root. It will add shine and volume to your hair.

So, do any style. Cut it, grow it, color it! Anything you want and keep your hair healthy with avocado oil for natural hair. Here is a list of 10 best avocado oils for natural hair.

The best avocado oil for hair growth, hair loss, hair fall and dandruff

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  1. Botanical Garden Beauty Mediterranean Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Botanical Garden Beauty Mediterranean Avocado Oil is rich in Palmitic Acid, Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Vitamin A and Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, etc. and is not diluted. This product contains no added preservatives, pore-clogging or toxic elements. It absorbs rapidly. So, good for hair, facial, lip, body, spa, aromatherapy, and massage. After absorbing, it leaves no greasy residue. It suits all skin types and fights damaged hair, dry flaky scalp, acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, stretch marks, burns, cuts, and cellulite.

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  1. Honeydew 100% Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Cold Pressed Honeydew 100% Avocado Oil is an antioxidant-rich light, an emollient natural moisturizer and massage oil with hydrating benefits for hair, skin, face, and nails. Your damaged hair will be alive again. It deeply penetrates the outer layers of the skin. With nutrients, Vitamin A, K, and E, your skin and hair will be soft, smooth, glowing and hydrated. As avocado oil is heavy, it is useful to massage deep tissues to relieve stress aches, pains and muscles soreness.

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  1. Premium Nature 100% Pure Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Premium Nature 100% Pure Avocado Oil contains a high concentration of healthy fats and antioxidants that penetrate into the deepest layers. It can treat dry, flaky, troubled skin and bring back life. Try it on your hair and experience fewer breakouts. It can treat dryness and any other bacterial or fungal infection. Avocado oil contains Vitamins A, D & E and collagen-supporting amino acids & proteins that increase skin elasticity which fights aging sign like wrinkles, stretch marks, and dry, saggy skin.

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  1. Maple Holistics Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

When massaged into the scalp, Maple Holistics Avocado Oil helps to provide a moisturizing barrier and may stimulate growth by helping unclog hair follicles. As it penetrates deep into the skin and leaves no oily residue, you will suffer a less breakout experience. It will also help you with aging signs. This product is refined to remove any unpleasant scents. So, you will smell almost nothing. Use it to promote better health for your hair and skin.

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  1. Sky Organics 100% Pure & Natural Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

It penetrates the scalp and skin on a deeper level. So, you get a better result. Sky Organics uses 100% premium avocados. So, you get its premium health benefits. Apply Sky Organics Avocado Oil on your hair, and leave it on for 15 minutes for fuller and healthier hair strands. Plus, the anti-inflammatory property it has alleviates discomfort caused by insect bites, sunburn, and dandruff. This one is edible too and upon ingesting orally it will promote weight loss!

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  1. Sweet Essentials Organic Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Use Sweet Essentials Organic Avocado Oil twice a month to maintain your hair health. If your hair is badly damaged or needs a treatment frequent the use. Make your own homemade conditioner with it. It can also reduce blemishes and relieve damaged skin, particularly sun damaged skin. It will be your aging barrier and a good health promoter. Maintain using avocado oil in your beauty routine to restore shine and health to dry and mistreated hair.

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  1. Tropical Holistics 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Use Tropical Holistics 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil on hair and see how your hair turns into soft flowing cascade! You will experience zero to less frizz. Use it when you want to wash your hair. It is also very good on the skin and has no overwhelming scent. It has everything included in for using it as a hair and skin care along with in cooking. Get all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

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  1. Liquid Gold Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

Liquid Gold Avocado Oil has potassium and lecithin, a highly beneficial ingredient for hair and skin. At applying topically, it can relieve dry and itchy skin. It contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, which are very strong skin agents, those very same fatty acids make it edible. It is also high in sterolin which facilitates skin softening and reduces the incidence of age spots.

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  1. De La Cruz 100% Avocado Oilavocado oil for natural hair

De La Cruz 100% Avocado Oil contains no preservatives, fragrances or artificial color and is a very good hair conditioner. Its sterolins fight aging signs, moisturize, heal scars, and soften the skin and provide hydration to dehydrated, the sun or climate damaged hair and skin. Apply it as a hair conditioner regularly during your bath or shower. It adds more shine to your hair. Massage your hair with it too.

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  1. Sports Research Natural Avocado Moisturizing Oilavocado oil for natural hair

This product will moisturize your dry hair and skin while increasing epidermal elasticity. This non-GMO verified, food grade, Kosher, and USP certified product have no harsh chemicals or parabens. Apply a few drops of Sports Research Natural Avocado Moisturizing Oil to fingers and massage it into your scalp for several minutes. Leave it in hair overnight and gently rinse out with lukewarm water later. It will quickly absorb in your skin relieving it from dry and itchy scalp

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Note: Avocado oil works better on wet hair. So, use it for conditioning after washing hair. Avocado oil does not have any side effects unless anyone is allergic to avocado. So, consult with your doctor before using it. If you do not know whether you are allergic then apply a small amount on a patch of hair and see how your body reacts.

Small habits can help you in the long run. So, build up the habit of using avocado oil for natural hair repairing and save the hair from any damage. It is far better than using chemicals or going under extensive treatment. Just be patient with your avocado oil and let your hair heal itself. Go Green!!

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